Membership Categories

  1. Active Members (Registered Member)

    • Meets one of the following criteria:
      1. Passed MPAA Entrance Exam (or equivalent exam) AND completed minimum of 1900 hours in a Traditional Chinese Medicine acupuncture program (including 450 clinical hours), from an educational institution in Canada or other country, approved by MPAA; OR
      2. Currently holds valid registration as a Registered Acupuncturist in a regulated province in Canada.
    • All active members must:
      • Meet requirements for continuing education (15 hours per membership year – MPAA membership year runs from November 1st to October 31st)
      • Successfully complete MPAA Safety course
      • Maintain current certification in C.P.R.
      • Abide by MPAA Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice
      • Maintain patient confidentiality by following PHIA (Personal Health Information Act) requirements
      • Maintain and provide proof of current Professional Liability Insurance
      • Pay annual membership fee and complete required forms
  2. Inactive Members

    1. Non-Practicing Member
      • An individual who is not currently engaged in active professional acupuncture practice
      • Previously was a Registered Member with MPAA who has submitted a written request to the Board of Directors to change their membership status from Registered to Non-Practicing member;
      • Has chosen to not practice acupuncture with any other acupuncture organization in the Province of Manitoba;
      • Meets requirements for continuing education
    2. Student Member
      • An individual who is currently in a Traditional Chinese Medicine acupuncture training program

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