MPAA Examinations

The MPAA Entrance Exam consists of 2 parts, a multiple choice and case study exam.

  1. Multiple Choice Exam consists of approximately 145 questions covering topics such as
    • a) TCM/Acupuncture Basic Theory and Assessment - 40%
    • b) Acupuncture point selection and location - 40%
    • c) Ethics - 5%
    • d) Infection Control - 5%
    • e) Western Medicine - 10%
      (The above percentages are approximate and subject to change) Time allotted--3 hours
  2. Case Study Exam consists of 8 case studies in which the examinee must provide a TCM Assessment, etiology/pathogenesis, treatment principle/plan, and list 5 acupoints to treat the condition. Time allotted—2 hours

Dates for MPAA Exams:

MPAA Entrance Exams will be offered in January, April, July and October of each year. Both the Multiple Choice Exam and the Case Study Exam will be written on the same day.
Please contact MPAA for the Exam details. Alternate exam dates may be considered in certain circumstances.

Examination Fee:

Cost of exams are included in “New Membership Fee” – see below for application details

Location of Exams:

MPAA Head Office, Unit A-2810 Pembina Hwy, Winnipeg, MB

MPAA Exam Application Process

Prior to taking the MPAA Entrance Exams, applicants must submit a completed Membership Application Form along with the Initial Application Fee of $50.

Once the application has been reviewed and accepted by MPAA, the applicant will need to pay a New Member Fee of $550. This New Member Fee includes the cost of the MPAA Entrance Exams (if required) as well as the Annual Membership Fee.

All fees should be paid via e-transfer to

Click HERE to download a Membership Application Form.

Please submit your Acupuncture Certificate and Transcripts with your Application Form.