2017 April Continuing Education Seminar

On Sunday, April 9th the MPAA sponsored a continuing education seminar that was attended by 16 members. Topics included:

  • Techniques and benefits of pediatric massage for the treatment of TCM conditions was presented by Yu Lan Mah R.Ac.
  • Beauty Facial massage was presented by Devin Beaudry RMT. The demonstration included facial rejuvenation and massage with the use of hot and cold stones; walking cupping on the face and upper chest; and a herb mask on the face.
  • NAET treatments for elimination of various allergies and sensitivities was presented by Shao Li Shi R.Ac. She demonstrated the assessment and treatment techniques of NAET.
  • Acupuncture for lower back pain and correcting pelvis alignment was presented by Yu Jing Qiu R.Ac.
  • It was a very informative day for our members to share and discuss new techniques and treatment modalities. Members received seven credit hours towards their continuing education requirement for attending.