Baldwin, Victoria  R.AC

photo Baldwin, Victoria  R.AC
Registration number: MB142021
Registration date: October, 2021
Prairie Zen
Apothecary Of Morden
Wellness On Court
Manitoba, Canada
Work: (204)698-4079

Dr. Victoria Baldwin, B.Sc., ND., R.AC is an experienced naturopathic doctor. She first attained her bachelor or science from the university of Manitoba and then her Doctor of Naturopathy from the Canadian College of Naturopathic medicine.

While a student of naturopathic medicine, part of her training was to learn Traditional Chinese Medicine. Unaware of the value, she explored acupuncture treatments with a skilled practitioner and the results were undeniable. A curiosity has turned into a passion of lifelong learning of TCM. Dr. Baldwin, ND uses her knowledge of TCM to help patients unlock their healing potentials and move towards a state of higher wellbeing to improve fertility, mood, and stress resilience.

Dr. Baldwin, ND practices out of three locations across Manitoba.
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Clinic locations:

1). Prairie Zen
336 Main St. Stonewall, MB

2). Apothecary of Morden
118 Stephen St. Morden, MB

3). Wellness on Court
1021 Court Ave. Unit 201 Winnipeg, MB

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