Turnbull, Shelley  B.Sc.Ag., RMT., R.AC (MB)

photo Turnbull, Shelley  B.Sc.Ag., RMT., R.AC (MB)
Registration number: MB142018
Registration date: Oct., 2018
Manitoba, Canada
Work: (204)979-4222
Email: shell.turn@gmail.com
Shelley has been in practice as a massage therapist (RMT) for over 20 years. She became intrigued with the philosophies of Traditional Chinese Medicine so she decided to pursue the 3 year Acupuncture program at Hua Xia College, graduating in June 2018. She currently practices acupuncture and massage therapy in her comfortable home clinic.

She is a life long learner and looks forward to continuing to learn how acupuncture can be part of a treatment program for depression and anxiety, and how to go through menopause with minimal symptoms. She has had some great results for musculoskeletal pain when combined with massage therapy. In her spare time she enjoys cooking, studying, nordic skiing and cycling trips.

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