MPAA Mission

Manitoba Professional Acupuncture Association is a provincial organization that works to promote the practice of acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine in Manitoba, to benefit the well being of Manitobans.

Upcoming Events

Please contact MPAA or check back soon for our Upcoming Events.

Recent Events or Continuing Education

MPAA Safety Course February 4th, 2024

On Sunday, February 4th, 2024 the MPAA offered an online Safety course live via Zoom.
The Safety course is a requirement for new members and encouraged for current members to attend.
Since the start of the pandemic, MPAA has adapted to include online seminars as a safe alternative for our continuing education.
Our Safety course included four main topics:

  1. Infection control (Allison Murray, R.Ac.) - Common viruses, bacteria, and fungi were highlighted, as well as measures to prevent their spread including Covid-19. Proper hand washing, respiratory etiquette, and health screening were also covered.
  2. Charting, record keeping, billing, and advertising (Shandis Price, R.Ac.) - Accurate and consistent record keeping were reviewed as well as the do's and don'ts of billing and advertising as an R.Ac.
  3. Acupuncture Safety (Li Lin, R.Ac.) - Acupuncture techniques to prevent acupuncture-related injuries, accidents, and infections were reviewed as well as management of needle injury or accidents if they do occur.
  4. Ethics (Yu Jing Qiu, R.Ac.) - The role of ethics in our decision making as health care professionals was discussed as well as scenarios in our practice that could cause possible ethical pitfalls.

MPAA 2023 AGM luncheon and 10-year Anniversary

On December 10th, 2023, MPAA held its Annual General Meeting luncheon and 10-year anniversary at Sun Fortune restaurant in Winnipeg, MB. 22 members attended. We started off with a business tax presentation by accountant Bill Liu. While enjoying a wonderful meal, Ling Zhao presented the 2022-2023 MPAA financial report. Shandis Price announced the election results for our 2-year term for MPAA president.
Our current president, Josie Cantafio won the election and will be serving as president for another 2-year term. Josie started her president’s announcement by thanking YuJing Qiu, Guojian Huang, and Shaoli Shi for all their hard work creating the Manitoba Professional Acupuncture Association 10 years ago. We are grateful for their vision to bring a local association with professional standards to our Manitoba Acupuncturists. MPAA continues to strive to provide quality continuing education for our members each year. Our November 2022 to October 2023 cycle included a mix of virtual and in person continuing education. Looking ahead into 2024, MPAA will hold its Safety course February 4th that is mandatory for new members. MPAA will also hold a Fertility course by Dr. Liang on May 26. MPAA currently has 46 members and 5 student members. We look forward to the growth of our association and helping our members be successful in their field of Acupuncture.