Christopher Buller, R. AC (MB)

Christopher Buller, R. AC (MB)
Registration number: MB062013
Chris graduated from the Academy of Classical Oriental Sciences(ACOS) with a diploma in Traditional Chinese Medicine /Acupuncture in April of the year 2000. Following a year of mentored private practice with Dr. Warren Fischer DTCM, and Dr. David Li Lam MD, DTCM, Chris returned to his home city of Winnipeg to begin his own practice. In 2001 he briefly returned to British Columbia to both challenge and successfully pass the new examinations set by the CTCMA(College of Traditional Chinese Medicine/Acupuncture). These new exams set the modern day standard for regulating the profession in Canada. He has been practicing Acupuncture and Chinese Traditional Medicine in the Fort Rouge/Fort Garry area since the spring of 2000.

Christopher Buller BA, R.Ac. CBT
Buller Acupuncture
772 Jubilee Ave
Winnipeg, MB